Special projects

  • Last Kiss: A touching look at the loss of life’s partner. Although the stories have already appeared in print and online at, we're working to collect the entire series into one special presentation here.
  • Chicago baseball: A little-more-than-casual but not-very-wonky statistical look at the current season. Updates each day throughout the season.
  • Primary 2018: Primary election results, including detailed looks at the primaries for Democratic and Republican governor. We're trying to go beyond the Associated Press results and get the very local races not available from the wire service. We've had some success (Lake, Cook, Will counties) and some where we still have more work to do (Kane, McHenry and DuPage). But we intend to be able to report complete results in November and for the local consolidated eletion in 2019.
  • Perilous Passage: Pedestrian and cyclist crashes, injuries and fatalities in the six-county area.
  • Friday Night Flight: Tracking participation in 80+ high school football programs around the suburbs.
  • Annual Illinois School Report Cards: The only comprehensive web app by an Illinois news site that reports the scores, demographics and financials released by the state each year.
  • Poverty-Acheivement Index: Our award-winning look at the effect of poverty on school performance.

Interactives by type and year

Chart = interactive chart or charts; Graphic = static graphic suitable for embedding; Map = interactive map; Timeline = use of Knight Labs interactive timeline; List = tabular charts, most recent being sortable and responsive.

MAP: Illinois counties by taxes paid/ received. NPR rig.2018
MAP: Lincolnshire property eyed for golf. NPR rig.2018
MAP: Prospect Heights apartment fire. Basic map.2018
MAP: 2017 soybean production in Illinois. NPR rig.2018
CHART: Top towns for online sales tax. NPR rig.2018
CHART: Breakdown of who gets what from online sales tax. NPR rig.2018
LIST: Town’s take from online sales tax. NPR rig.2018
MAP LIST: Decrease in Senior Exemptions in Cook County.2018
CHART: Accumulated rainfall, May through June.2018
CHART LIST: Change in county population, 2010-2017.2018
MAP: Video gambling machines per 1,000.2018
CHART: TRS penalty payments.2018
LIST: TRS payments by district.2018
CHART: Chart on how Cubs do based on their May, June records.2018
GRAPHIC: How the Cubs do based on their May, June records.2018
GRAPHIC: Sosa's 20 home runs in June 1998.2018
GRAPHIC: High temperatures in May.2018
GRAPHIC: School spending for lobbying groups.2018
GRAPHIC: Quentin Road detour.2018
GRAPHIC MAP: Suburban minor league baseball teams.2018
GRAPHIC: Bizarre shooting incident in Lake County.2018
GRAPHIC: Kerry Wood's 20 strikeouts.2018
MAP: Where the primary vote flipped - 2014 to 2018.2018
MAP GIF: Opioid prescription rates by Illinois county, 2006-2016.2018
MAP: February storm snowfall estimates.2018
MAP: Shootings connected with schools in 2018 before the Parkland shooting.2018
MAP: Tracking optouts in Cook County for new minimum wage ordinance and mandate on businesses to pay employees for sick days.2017
MAP: Homeowner exemptions by township.2017
LIST: Vendors in the five-county area owed money by Illinois as part of their $14.7 billion bill backlog.2017
LIST MAP: Analysis of Census 2016 population estimates, compared to 2010 and 20142017
LIST: How much schools are holding in reserve.2017
GRAPHIC MAP: Precinct-by-precinct analysis of the 2016 election results vs. primary results/ 2016
CHART: Suburban schools lead tests2016
CHART: Avg. teacher, admin salaries2016
CHART: Olympic medal count2016
GRAPHIC: O'Hare runway rotation2016
LIST: State money for school districts2016
MAP: Top suburban fireworks2016
LIST: Liquor license revenues by town2016
GRAPHIC: June is peak tornado month locally2016
LIST: School districts contract lengths2016
CHART: Library spending, materials vs. personnel2016
LIST: Library spending, by library2016
LIST: Datatables version of tax error list2016
LIST: Datatables version of Gov. Rauner proposed school spending list2016
LIST: Gov. Rauner proposed school spending2016
LIST: Township road district reserves2016
GRAPHIC MAP: Precinct-by-precinct results for the Democratic Primary2016
GRAPHIC MAP: Precinct-by-precinct results for the Republican Primary2016
GRAPHIC MAP: Precinct-by-precinct look at Democratic primary voters vs. Republican primary voters2016
MAP: Contributions to Republican Presidential candidates2016
MAP: Contributions to Democratic Presidential candidates2016
LIST: Area high schoolers in community college remediation classes2016
LIST: Fittest loser teams updates: pulls from Google sheets2016
LIST: Fittest loser weekly updates: pulls from google sheets2016
CHART: Schaumburg ticketing, with custom tooltip2016
LIST: Suburban water quality, by agency and municipality2016
LIST: Municipal debts, actual and percents2016
MAP: Did crashes decrease due to red-light cameras?2016
MAP: Crashes with injuries at red-light camera intersections2016
GRAPHIC: Baby Face Nelson and the Battle of Barrington2015
MAP: Gliniewicz's final moments2015
TIMELINE: the Gliniewicz investigation2015
CHART: Lake County wellness costs2015
GRAPHIC: ACT results and low income2015
GRAPHIC: PARCC, ACT college readiness comparied2015
GRAPHIC: Diverging diamond2015
GRAPHIC: Partial PARCC results2015
MAP: Red light camera revenue2015
GRAPHIC: Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment2015
TIMELINE: Decades of pension mismanagement2015
MAP GRAPHIC: Zion shooting2015
MAP: Distracted drivers in the suburbs2015
MAP: School finance plan winners and losers2015
MAP: Super Bowl blizzard2015
CHARTS: Winter of 20142014
MAP: Holiday lights2014
LIST: College readiness2014
LIST: Municipal telecommunications tax2014
LIST: Video gambling revenue2014
LIST: Political views with jquery UI2014
GRAPHIC: Metra fares2014
TIMELINE: Flight 2322014
LIST: Share of gas taxes2014
MAP: Hazmat incidents2014
MAP: Marijuana dispensary districts2014
CHART: Pensions vs. salaries2014
MAP: Suburban schools with highest percent of homeless students2014
CHART: Increase in homeless students2014
MAP: Percent taxes returned to towns2014
MAP: Change in lottery sales by zip code2014
MAP: 50 state marathons2014
MAP: Proposed Elk Grove Village TIF district2014
MAP: Elgin-O'Hare Western Bypass2014
MAP: 2014 primary results for governor, senate2014
MAP: 2014 road construction2014
MAP: O'Hare noise complaints2014
MAP: Median income by county2014
MAP: Change in township property taxes2014
MAP: New Illinois legislative boundaries2014
MAP: Flood insurance premiums2014
MAP: Best suburban hot dogs2014
LIST: Suburban FOIA requests2014
TIMELINE: The search for Tom Karambelas2014
CHART: Snowfall2014
CHART: Pension bonus2014
CHART: January cold2014
LIST: ACT college readiness2014
LIST: District property taxes per student2014
CHART: Number of days with a trace of snow2014
LIST: School poverty rates2013
CHART MAP: Barrington D220 tax rebate2013
CHART: Change in Senior Freeze tax exemption2013
MAP: FOID requirements by state2013